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How to save money using the air-conditioner

Today, Brazil is going through, financially speaking, a very delicate moment. Many of our daily basic items had their price considerably elevated, including the electricity bill, that has even received different classifications according to the type of collection.

Since last month, the ANEEL (National Agency of Electric Energy), has authorized all the electricity companies of the country (with the exception of the states of Amazonas, Amapá and Acre) to stipulate colorful flags according to the favorable conditions – or not – to generate energy, as we can see below:

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This is the actual classification of Electric Energy in Brazil. (Image: Climatização Lumertz/BR)

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Can the water that comes out of the air conditioner be consumed?

Copo D'água
(Image: Raikan Kasih/Reproduction)

According to Sandra Maria de Lima, teacher at the IFMT (Federal Institute of Education, Science and Tecnology) of Mato Grosso, Brazil, yes, the water that comes out of the air conditioner is drinkable, based on her research.

The research was made in 2015 in a public school at Mato Grosso and consisted in capting water that came out of a 24.000 BTUs split, six months after the last maintenance.

It was verified that the water had magnesium, calcium and other substances considered satisfying for consumption by the Ministry of Health. But, before being drank, the water had to pass through a chlorine addition process, to eliminate the dirt and bacteria.