How to save money using the air-conditioner

Today, Brazil is going through, financially speaking, a very delicate moment. Many of our daily basic items had their price considerably elevated, including the electricity bill, that has even received different classifications according to the type of collection.

Since last month, the ANEEL (National Agency of Electric Energy), has authorized all the electricity companies of the country (with the exception of the states of Amazonas, Amapá and Acre) to stipulate colorful flags according to the favorable conditions – or not – to generate energy, as we can see below:

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This is the actual classification of Electric Energy in Brazil. (Image: Climatização Lumertz/BR)

These flags are already in use as a test since 2013, but without increasing the price for the public, just to give them time to assimilate the idea. In 2014, only the month of January has received yellow classification, the rest of the year was classified with the red flag. It means that, probably, it won’t be too soon that we will know the price of a green classified bill.

We must have in mind that we must save energy in all possible ways, including with a conscient use of the air-conditioner. Most people believe that the air-conditioner is one of the great villains of the electricity bill, what isn’t true. It becomes a villain only if you allow it.

In most residences, the ones where people don’t use the air-conditioner consciously, it can be responsible foe 20% of the bill, and it may come to 30% in hot days, due to it’s excessive use. That, practically, could mean more R$ 80,00 (more or less US$ 24,5) in the price of the bill, only because of the air-conditioner.

In order to save money without losing comfort, we must take some cautions:

  • Never use your air conditioner in maximum power. This is not what makes the temperature increase or decrease, but the power that will be used to get to the desired temperature. Using it in half power will make it cool the environment more slowly, but saving energy.
  • When buying an air conditioner, ask to a skilled technician to calculate the power necessary to your environment. If you want to know more about that, click here (PT-BR).
  • Turn off the air-conditioner every time you won’t use the environment anymore.
  • When installing the external part of your air-conditioner, make sure that it isn’t exposed to the sun. If that happens, protect it without blocking the air entrances.
  • When the device is on, avoid opening and closing doors and windows, so that the cooled air doesn’t escape, avoiding the use of extra power from the air-conditioner.
  • Execute the cleaning and maintenance regularly, to avoid that the dirt or possible damaged parts make the device need more power.
  • Close any possible air exits in the environment, including gaps and holes in the walls.


If you follow the recommendations above, surely you will have good news when receiving your next electricity bill. Don’t forget, saving energy is very good to your pocket, but it is much better to the planet.

See ya!


  • Translated by Thales Vinhola
  • Original Text: Esdras Nunes
  • Original post:
  • Original Source:

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