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Today, we can say that the air conditioner is a fundamental equipment to get us through the summer. With the increasing temperature of the world weather, we become more and more vulnerable to the heat’s actions. We know that in a very hot night, it is almost impossible to sleep or to rest as we should. Results: another unproductive day, and double the fatigue.

It is for this situations that is recommended the air conditioner. The device treats the air of the internal environment, expelling the heat to outside. What remains is only the air in the desired temperature. But, as with other devices, there are some different types of air conditioner, each one fitting better to a different kind of environment. We will explain more about them in this post, so that you can choose correctly which one you should have in your work or residence.



This air conditioner has the condenser and the evaporator together. It is recommended for small environments, so his capacity is between 7.000 and 30.000 BTUs. The advantages of having a Window Air Conditioner are the low cost and that it is easily installed.

Window Split


Exactly as the name implies, this one is the union of a Window and a Split Air Conditioner. If someday you had a Window Air Conditioner and now you don’t know what to do to fill that enormous empty space that is still in your wall, this is the way to go. You can install a Window Split to solve your problem! Besides, the advantages of having this type of air conditioner are the low energy consumption, and a better night of sleep, since this model makes less noise when compared to the Window.

Hi-Wall Split


It is the most known type of Split, and surely you have already seen it. It stays high in the wall and there’s no need for an enormous space to install it. Only a circular hole is necessary, making this model much more visually pleasant. It is recommended for residences and small commercial establishments.

As the Window, it’s capacity is between 7.000 and 30.000 BTUs.


multisplit-air-conditionerIt is the same as the Hi-wall Split, but it has more than one evaporator (internal unit) and just one condenser. It is recommended to refrigerate several environments on the same establishment simultaneously, both residential and commercial.



So you want an air conditioner, but don’t want to spend a lot of money with installation? Buy a Portable. It comes with wheels and can be taken anywhere you want to. One of its disadvantages is to be noisier, because it has the two units (condenser and evaporator) together. But if you want your air conditioner to be mobile, you can use the Portable exactly the same way you would use a ventilator, only more effective.

Cassette Split


Have you ever come inside a bank and saw an air conditioner at the roof, in the middle of the environment, with one fan to each side? This is the Cassette Split, and it serves this exact purpose: to operate in medium to big environments right from the center of them, thus allowing a more uniform air refrigeration. It can be found in universities, banks, offices and other establishments of this dimensions.

Floor-roof Split


Like the Cassette Split, it is mainly used in big commercial establishments. It is installed at the center of the environment and it has a strong performance. It’s capacity vary from 18.000 to 80.000 BTUs. If you have a small-sized event house, this one is perfect for it, because it will leave room to circulate, and still be able to successfully refrigerate the environment, despite the big amount of people.

Corner-roof Split


Basically the same as the Floor-roof Split, but with the advantage of being installed at the corners, due to it’s shape. It’s advantages are the reduced noise level, effective air filtering and thermal comfort.

Four Side Split


The same as the previous two, it is recommended to medium and big environments. It’s capacity can vary from 24.000 to 60.000 BTUs. It has four air fans and can refrigerate, dehumidify or ventilate.

Duct or Central Air Conditioner


The most known example of it’s use are shopping-centers. Several ducts are spread along the enormous environment. It is perfect for huge establishments, such as shoppings or marketplaces. Obviously, it’s installation and operational costs are very expensive, so you should only choose this model if it’s really necessary.

Did you like this post? So leave a comment for us to know your opinion. If you have any doubt or question that you’d like to be answered here, please talk to us.


  • Written by: Rafael Lumertz
  • Edited by: Esdras Nunes
  • Translated by: Thales Vinhola
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