Day after day, we see people coming out of their jobs to open their own business. The question that remains is: “Why does this happen?”


The problem is that some employees are unprepared to go on this adventure, becoming even more frustrated. Our objective in this article is to point out the positive and negative aspects of each side, so that you can choose wisely which better fits your profile.

Working as an employee

You probably already know an employee’s life. Waking up early, get on the company on time, reaching goals, although some companies pay commission.

In Brazil’s current conditions, this way of working is only capable of sustaining the basic necessities of a family. If you want profit above this level, you must know that you won’t get it being an employee. But, if you don’t have too many bills and think this profit is enough, go ahead! Working as a self-employed demands a lot of dedication, not mentioning that you loose the stability of having a fixed profit at the end of the month.

Working as an employee brings some benefits common to all hired worker.

Besides, working as an employee can help who wishes to be an entrepreneur. As an employee, you will know experienced professionals in the field, who will give you tips that can be used in the future.

Working as self-employed

Working as self-employed takes courage. Many doesn’t try because they are afraid to fail. To be a self-employed demands giving up the stability of a job to risk yourself alone in the job market.

The ones that choose this approach must have a distinct view, the view of an entrepreneur. If you believe in your potential, don’t be an employee, be a leader!

First, seek the knowledge. As we spoke before, you can obtain this knowledge working as an employee, getting tips from more experienced professionals and specializing yourself – with classes and the acquired experience.

The second step is to open your bussines. Having a registered company is important, so that your idea doesn’t get copied. So, pay your taxes and get rid of possible future problems. As we known, many malicious professionals try to take advantage of others.

After taking care of this “boring things”, we must worry worry about the operational side. Spread the word about your service, because the advestising is the soul of the bussiness. Looking for clients is fundamental for a service provider.

Following this formula, the profit will come, in time. And although you will work more, we can say that the advantages of being self-employed are having time disponibility, the possibility of obtaining bigger profit, working under pressure, etc.

Now, the choice is yours!

Do you prefer the stability of a job or to risk having more profit as a self-employed?

We have pointed out for you the advantages and unadvantages of both cases. Now, choose the option that better fits your profile. Remember that there’s always a risk that you won’t do it right as a self-employed and end up earning less money that as an employeee. Maybe this way of working isn’t for you, but you will only know it if you try.

No matter what you choose, work always with dedication and love for what you do. If you wanna know more about being an installer, click here and read our other article (PT_BR).


  • Written and edited by: Esdras Nunes
  • Translated by: Thales Vinhola
  • Original post:

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